May 4, 2012

Fitness Links Reading

Would believe me if I told you it was a busy week this week, and I actually didn’t peruse health sites too much? BUT, never fear, I have some Fitness Links reading for you!!



1. Do you ever wonder if you should if weights before you do cardio, or do cardio before you lift? It was a common question for me when I first started my fitness journey, and I know it’s a question most people have. In fact, I was approached a the gym this week by someone asking my advice on the topic. I’m a cardio before weights person, just because weights make me want to stretch afterwards and nothing else, so that’s what I suggested. And always thought was the best approach. Turns out, it doesn’t really matter which way you choose. It’s more personal preference/convenience according to a new study. 



2. I am a believer I in breakfast for many reasons. There’s so many good choices. It helps me remember to take my vitamins. It keeps hunger at bay the rest of my day. And it fuels me. So I’ll advocate for eating breakfast, and you can better believe my future children will be sitting down at the table every morning to get started. Here’s just one more reason why you should start eating breakfast, too.




3. My favorite workout shirts made the Fit Sugar affordable-stock-your-wardrobe list. Who said working out on a budget wasn’t awesome??bike




4. Ready to get rid of that back muffin top for summer? Here’s some yoga poses to target that area. It looks like a pretty good routine. And I’m all about yoga this month.


That’s it for today!! Enjoy Friday everyone! And don’t forget to eat breakfast this weekend!



Choose Joy. Find Strong.