May 25, 2012

A little Fitness Weekend Reading

Am I ever glad it’s Friday. No classes today, just homework.
Blogging in my time out.

So here’s a little more reading for you this weekend.


1. Ready to be a streaker? Yeah, me either. No so much in the way you’re probably thinking of. But, if you’re in between training and want to try keeping up a good run streak, you should head over to Runner’s World and join their Summer Running Streak 2012. It runs from Memorial Day (My 28th) to July 4th this year. All you have to do is run one mile a day. A pretty good form of streaking if you ask me. I don’t think I’m going to sign up this year with the way my schedule is, but I’ll still be running. If you do sign up,  use #RWRunStreak when sharing with @runnersworld on twitter. Keep connected with others and encouragement is bound to happen!

2. How many times do you get the weird look when you tell people you run...for fun? Or that you run marathons for fun? I’ve gotten it a few times over the last couple of years, but I always give them a weird look right back and say something to the extent about how I’m going to live longer because I run.Well, this past week the New York Times Well Blog asked if marathon running was bad for your heart. I was super interested in the article because every other running and heart related article I’ve read always says that running is great for cardio. But then things happen, and every once in awhile someone will die during a race, or from complications in training. But is it because of so many logged miles? Is running the culprit? Not necessarily. Like any sort of physical activity, it’s always best to get doctor’s clearance before starting, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a while. Nonetheless, it’s a good article with some interesting info. Check it out.

3. As important as it is to get checked out by the doc before you start running, how many of you runner’s steer clear of him once you’ve started running? I know it took me a bit to see my sport’s doc one my leg started hurting. And even now I’m tired of not being able to be diagnosed or fixed, so I just quit with the appointments and keep running through the pain. Which sometimes, I don’t even take the time to notice. Interesting that a new review form German researches talks about the pain tolerance in athletes while training. The Sweat Science blog on Runner’s World  posted some quotes from the full review, and I totally have bullet point number three down. “While athletes showed increased pain tolerance, they didn't show any difference in pain threshold (the level of stimulus at which they start perceiving pain). In other words, it's not that athletes don't feel pain -- they feel it the same as everyone else, but they've learned to cope with or ignore it.” I’ve got the coping mechanism down!

4. I’m pretty sure if you already do yoga you don’t really need this list. And if I could do my job convincing you, you wouldn’t need it either. But here’s just a few more reasons why, if you’re an endurance athlete, yoga is AHmazing for your body: Why every Athlete should do Yoga. Sometimes I just like to read articles/list like these to convince myself again why yoga would be a good thing for my day. Print it out. Hang it up on your mirror. Just tell yourself to do yoga. I promise it will feel good.

Alright folks. A short list today, but I’ve had my nose stuck in education books for the most part. Besides, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Get outside, cookout, spend time with family. But don’t forget the most important part of this weekend. To remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms.
If you get the chance to thank a soldier/veteran this weekend, do it.
I promise you that will feel better than yoga.

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Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Find joy