May 3, 2012

Thought for a Thursday: Gratitude



As I’ve ventured on  my quest this year, one thing I have been diligently trying to do every day is to be thankful.

Thanksgiving can bring us a joy we have never known before, and I figured that I may never fully be able to banish anxiety, but I could perhaps try and replace it with something else.

Thus, Thanksgiving.

I have noticed a significant change in my attitude. To be honest, it is definitely  a work in progress because there are still times  when I get caught up in the moment and find myself tense or focusing on the negative; but there have been many times when I have shifted my thinking to a moment of thanksgiving without hesitation. It has become a progressive act for me.
Thanksgiving is becoming my verb.

Thought for your Thursday: Thanksgiving, as a noun, may be a holiday we share once a year with our family to gather around a table, splurge on food, and remember why we are thankful. But what if we lived everyday with thanksgiving as a verb and always gave it away?


Seek peace. Choose joy. Breathe hope.