May 2, 2012


A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the World Bicycle Relief organization and fell in love with what they do:


“World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.”

For every $134 donated, someone’s life, in a country not so as abundant as ours, is changed by the power of a bicycle.
If you didn’t know (which I didn’t until today) May is National Bike Month and World Bicycle relief has posed a challenge.

That we, in our gas guzzling, automobile convenient society, would understand that to some, a bicycle is better than walking.

I signed up for the challenge this afternoon because I want to get back on my bike. Not that I’ve completely left it because I get on my bike every chance I get.
But I live in a small town, where with the gas prices are high and the distance between each place I need to go is short.
My car shouldn’t be my first choice.

It often is.

I ride just to ride or to exercise.

Not because I have too.

And so, I want to remember what it was like when I was 15 and rode my bike downtown to the library, or to the store for a Jones Soda and enjoyed the freedom my bicycle gave me.
I didn’t have to ask my parents for a ride.
I didn’t have to wait around for them to finish whatever they were doing.

I could just go.

Here’s the challenge World Bicycle Relief has posed:


The day was beautiful this afternoon, and I wanted to enjoy it without a cover over my head.

I took my bike of the hooks, grabbed my helmet, and headed to the city square for a little coffee shop jam session. 


After my trip, I may extend this challenge past May and far into the summer.
I’d much rather commute by bicycle than car, even if I don’t necessarily have too.

Riding my bicycle makes me understand and appreciate what it’s like to be free.

Passing the Baton: Are you up for the challenge? Will you try to commute by bicycle this month, if only to a few places?


Choose Joy.