May 23, 2012

Weakness Wednesday: Back again!

Have I mentioned that with these intensive, summer classes, I get to sit in lectures for 6 hours a day?
No, I haven’t mentioned it? Hmm... maybe I've just been complaining constantly to Music Man.

Well… let me just tell you: it creates havoc for my back.
You would think sitting would be much better than standing all day, but in fact, it doesn’t.

I get lazy.
I slump.
I already have back issues.
But there’s this new spot on my left side, middle back that is just killing me this week.
Sometimes I think it’s my kidney exploding.
Probably just the stupid classroom chairs.

Today’s Weakness Wednesday pose focus is most definitely the cat-to-cow sequence.
I love to open my yoga routines with these poses, and I seriously do them for about five minutes every time.
It’s a great sequence to open up my spine and to warm the muscles.
Plus I feel like it hits all areas: shoulder area, middle, and lower back.
And it’s really easy.

As you breathe in, arch your back like a cat. Then, exhale, drop your pelvis to curve you back, and look up.
Match the movement to your breath.
If you inhale/exhale slowly, you’ll get the much needed stretch/muscle warmup.
Here’s a 4-minute back sequence video as well. No cat-to-cow example, but I do like to sometimes begin my yoga sequences with these poses as well. This video would be a good warm-up for your 30 minute session of the day!

I’m off to do some yoga, then back to studying.
Namaste everyone!
Seek Peace.