June 28, 2012

Thought for a Thursday: Gratitude

So many things this week to be thinking of and thankful for.

I feel that’s one of the reasons this has been such a happy week.

As much as I’m seeking contentment, and learning how to control anxiety, and to just let things go….it’s the thankful aspect that really, truly, helps me to understand contentment and joy.

Without further ado, my thankful thoughts of the week.

  1. Music Man is home. Yes, he’s got another away stint next month, but that’s next month. This week is this week, and despite work and class and just plain busyness. He. Is. Home.
  2. I’m thankful that Music man is willing to work an outrageous amount of hours and like a little peon to provide for us while I’ve started summer school. Someday, we’ll be looking back and thinking “remember when we did those ridiculous things like sling around boxes and wait tables to pay rent?” Our future kids will thank us.
  3. Fruit. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Tomorrow is my last day of my online class and then I'm home free for two weeks. I WILL conquer my stack of free reading books. I WILL write. I may paint our bedroom.
  5. Tuesday may have been my last day running with RB since she’s moving this weekend, but I’m thankful for her encouragement. I signed up for my first marathon because of her. I even got up early and ran on my own this morning because of her. She helped me realize the importance of a running buddy, and how sometimes, we all need someone to push us.
  6. JJ. He’s crazy and maybe sick right now, or just getting old, or just dealing with a bout of some feet issues but no matter how much pain he is in, he knows how to love.
  7. Running. I’m thankful to move. To choose to move. To want to move. To enjoy moving. To get to train in the mornings and to coach ladies in the evenings and to run with a group on the weekends.  I love falling in love with running again.
  8. Finally, this.









I know. People probably think I’m crazy, and it hurts my heart that this kind of weather is causing so much loss in Colorado, but I do love summer.

I love the sun. I love the heat.
And it reminds me of Texas.

Thought for your Thursday: If you had to list, say 7 things, you were thankful for this week, what would you say? Would those things already be in the forefront of your mind or would it take you awhile to discover them?

Choose Joy.