June 29, 2012

Super FIT links…and why summer is awesome


Guess what? I’ve got links for you. Lots and lots and lots of links.

Ok. Not really. Just three this week.
Cut me some slack. I was finishing my online class this week and training for a marathon. (That’s so going to be my excuse for everything the next 18 weeks. Especially when I want sweets.)

  1. Several weeks ago I mentioned how excited I was about the Reve women’s team<< who would be riding the Tour de France route one day ahead of the men. Did I also mention that only one of the six women is a pro<< athlete? Man would I love to be on the team right now. I dream big, so of course I see myself doing that in, oh, the next five years. Well, no matter my dreams, their dreams are starting TODAY<<. And if you’d like to follow along with their journey, one of the riders, Heidi Swift, will be blogging every night over at Peloton—her column is ‘Swift’<<
This is definitely a HUGE motivation for me. I have always been a huge bike rider-now turned cyclist-and one of my ‘bucket list’ ideas is to cycle across the country (Europe too… but hey, someday). These gals though, they are my heroines!


2. So, are you drinking water?  Cause I am.

This is my second bottle of the day, on top of a few glasses. I’m proud of myself. I won’t lie.
Plus, when I ran this morning at 6 am it was already about 80 degrees outside, and I sweated out a monsoon.
Not as much as the double monsoon last night when I jogged—yeah  11 min/mile jogged practically—by the bank on my way to C25k. The screen read 100 degrees at 7:30 at night.

I. Love. It.

But, in all seriousness, if you are working out in heat like this, you have got to hydrate. You don’t need to be passing clean out like I did right after we moved to the Texas a couple of years ago.

If you ask, I’ll tell you the story. If you don’t ask, then you get to wonder.
But, there was a great refresher course in my current issue of runners world by Dimity McDowell.

Conveniently, The New Rules of Hydration: What and When to Drink for Peak Performance can be found online just for you.<<

I’m stoked too. I mean, I already down a cup of coffee before I run, I’ve started to ease my way into the whole sports-drink-while-running (so far it just ends up on my hands and shirt), and I’ve got the chocolate milk recovery down pat. Who knew I was such a rule follower. And to think I was just some running genius coming up with these things on my own.

Really though. Drink water and electrolytes if you’re headed out in this heat. You need them. Bad.
And next week, I’ll talk a little but more about hydration. (Or my used-to-be-lack-thereof) if anyone asks.

3. Finally. Ice Cream.

We all know that’s pretty much the main reason why summer is awesome. Right?

Well…in my book anyway. (Sorry Wonder Woman! I’m trying!)  Sure, I like ice cream like the rest of ‘em, but 'I’m trying to go all healthy here people. Plus, I’m not about to let it screw up my colon and/or marathon training.
I’m slowly, slowly, slooooowly learning that too much sugar+milk is not a good thing for me.
Ok, so maybe I know this I just don’t want  to except this.

Enter this goodness<<.
I might have become slightly addicted to Pinterest all for the sheer bliss of the yogurt creations I can dabble with.

Like this one by Girl Gone Healthy

Who knew you could freeze regular yogurt<< and it’d be just as delicious as ice cream?
Don’t answer that. You’ll make me feel silly.

I haven’t tried the cookie & cream fro cho, but I’m going too. It is Music Man’s favorite flavor after all.
But I did have this for lunch every day this week

Vanilla greek yogurt, fresh peaches, a drizzle of honey, and granola.
And you know… my sweet tooth was satisfied!

Plus there was dinner’s desert

Vanilla yogurt, a banana sliced slipped in the middle, and a dollop of Nutella.
And yes, there are a few missing…but only two!
It’s a slightly adapted version of this<<

Frozen yogurt… you really aren’t like ice cream… and yet… you are.

But for now, you have become my summer lovin’  (had me a blast…. summer lovin’ happened so fast)

Tell me the reference and you win my heart.


That’s it people. It’s Friday. Stop working. Read some articles. Go sit by the pool. Plan a pizza party.


Passing the Baton:   So, if I seriously cycle across country, how do I convince Music Man to come with me? Favorite way to hydrate? Water? Lemonade? Some crazy sports drink that I don’t know about? And finally…. FroYo creations? I need them.

Seek Peace. Choose Joy.