June 30, 2012

Mail Call. And no, my grandmother is not a mail-order bride.

I thought about doing a weekend update so far…but I think my Sunday may hold some more excitement, so I can’t spill all the beans today.

Until then… here’s a little teaser.

Envelope 1

These are my grandparents… 50 years ago on their wedding day.

How beautiful is this?!?! 
One of my deepest heart wishes is to celebrate 50 years with Music Man.
If he doesn’t keel over first, I think we’ll make it. I’m stubborn.

Honestly though, my heart is giddy about this beautiful invitation. The end of July marks 50 years for my grandparents, and my mother and her siblings are putting on the ritz for them!
There might even be some pimp my buggy rides going on.

Some days it’s hard to think about what we’ll be doing next week, or where we’ll be next year, let alone the life Music Man and I will have in 50 years. But that’s such the fun of marriage.
Every day proves to be an adventure, but when we walk side-by-side with God at our center, those days seem endless.

My grandparents are such an inspiration to me (as are my own parents married 28 years this year!)  and I know that this day will truly be such a celebration: of them, of love, of their life, and of their legacy.

You can bet I’ll be posting about it come the end of next month.

Envelope 2

Um… I think I may actually give this one a separate post.
I’ve got some ‘splaining to do


Passing the Baton: Am I the only weird one who gets super excited every time I unlock my mailbox? (I think this habit started in college…) Do you enjoy or dread the mail? Anything exciting this week? What magazine should I start subscribing too?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Live Faith.