July 14, 2012

Fit Links Friday (via Saturday….)

Ok. Yesterday was kind of busy. It involved some serious cycling, celebrating JJ’s birthday<<, prepping a featured post for next week, a trip to the vet, house cleaning, and then a Harry Potter-A-Thon (more on that later.)
It wasn’t until I turned in late last night that I forgot to post some fit links for you! And, I’d actually be reading this week.
Without further adieu….


1. Admit it. You’ve been working your abs hardcore like me. Oh… you haven’t? Well, no need to worry on that front. Susan over at Strong Like Susan<< has you covered. I joined her 30 day ab challenge via Run to the Finish<<, and it is kicking my butt! But now that I’m hitting the halfway mark, I’m noticing a difference. That Spartan six pack hasn’t popped out yet, but I’m sitting up straighter, my belly has flattened a tid bit, and most importantly, my core feels stronger while I run. I’m positive that after the 30 days, I’m going to be incorporating her moves into my workout routine. If you’re looking for something  a little different than everyday crunches, and you want somebody to train you (for free!) definitely check out her YouTube channel<<. Not only does she have the 30 day ab challenge, but a whole bunch more videos to hit the other important parts of your body, and she’s full of tips and tricks!
Plus, she’ll seriously kick your butt with her workouts.

2. Last week I gave you some of my suggestions for how to hydrate<< but the place of all places about running things, Runner’s World, has a collection of videos about hydration and how to handle the heat we’ve been having. The first one is short but interesting, and has 3 important tips on how to beat the heat<<. There’s also one with some hydration tips, as well as one about hot weather running. Both feature Bart Yasso, and he knows his stuff.


3. Because I know my venture in the world of the marathon has cause you to jump out of your seat, hit the road training, and sign up for YOUR first marathon, here’s 10 tips for all us marathon beginners:

Since that might be a little small for all you mere mortals without perfect eyesight like me, the 10 tips for marathon beginners can also be found on the Runner’s World For Beginner’s Only blog<< 
It’s actually a really good post for any beginner runner, so keep those tips close at hand. (Or foot.) Har, Har, Har

4. Because I don’t own enough books already, Hungry Runner Girl has inspired me to build up my running book collection<<. She posted Friday about an awesome book list she found over at Runner’s World and it’s got me wanting to run to the bookstore<<. I’ve read two on the list, and most of the rest are actually on my ongoing Christmas list. I feel like Music Man and Wonder Woman think I have enough running books already because I give them this list every year and it never dwindles. Though… I did get four last year that weren’t on my list until right before Christmas. Perhaps that’s my problem….
Here’s a preview:


AND… should anyone want to get me this

I will not oppose you.
Email me and I’ll send you the shipping address

5. Last but never least, the Olympics are only 13 days away!  I have got to get started on my Opening Night Ceremony party planning. Aka… all the unhealthiest food Music Man and I can eat while sitting sedentary in front of the boob tube.
But really, this past week Fourth Place Medal (no idea what that is) ranked all 32 summer Olympic sports from easiest to hardest<<. Any guesses what the hardest is? Can I just say that I didn’t even know it was an Olympic sport? Yes I know it’s a sport… but I had no idea it was part of the games. And as a disclaimer, diving, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, trampoline, didn’t make the rankings because they are “judged activities.” Hmmm.
However, I definitely agree with number 2, but… after competing in a few shorter distances, I’d have ranked it #1.

Alright everyone, I’m off to finish a million and one other tasks today all while taking a chill pill prepping for a long run tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!
Happy Running!
Seek Peace.