July 15, 2012

I seriously thought about blogging hardcore today….

and then I fell asleep.

I know.

I’ve been excited about my weekend update post all weekend.

Mainly because it involved this

Yes. That’s from my Harry Potter-A-Thon Friday night.

But… I suppose I’ll get to that tomorrow.
And the million and one instagrams I have to share with you.

I’m sort of wiped tonight.

I finished my final day of pre-marathon training with a 9 miler that wasn’t really the Long Slow Miles it was supposed to be.
More like a tempo run finished in 1:17

I blame it on the fact that my running buddy was in town the weekend so we got to head out on the road together.


Tomorrow starts OFFICIAL marathon training, and I’m starting off my favorite way.

A rest day.

It’s legit too.

I was thinking about pushing each week back a day so I could do my long runs on Saturdays, especially since that’s race day, but since RB is gone, I have no idea how I’m going to tackle 16+ miles alone, and the running club here in my town (LARC) has been meeting on Sunday mornings to run. I’m bound to be able to find someone to run with.
Plus, I find there’s just something about running long on a Sunday before church. Even though Sundays are rest days in my life… I feel like I earn them twice as much if I put in the miles in the morning.
And there have been many Sundays in my life when I’ve been out of town or unable to go to church, and my long runs sort of turned into my church on those days.
I guess it’s just something that’s stuck with me.

Alas. My hamstring is a little sore from today so I’m off to ice.
And my brain is sort of fried too from devouring books this weekend for my last summer class.
It’s starts tomorrow, and yes I read ahead.

You would too if you were discussing 12 books in 16 days.
Good thing it’s Young Adult Lit.

Cannot. Wait.

Enjoy your Sunday evening all!
Eat healthy but veg with your family.
It’s a good night to do it.
Choose Joy.