July 16, 2012

Motivating Monday: Those little whispers

Today marks the beginning of my official marathon training plan.
No, I won’t be running.

Today is, actually, a rest day.

And I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’d be lying to you if I said I was super excited  to start this plan.
That I can’t wait for the race and wish it was tomorrow.

In all actuality, I’m terrified.

26.2 miles is forever.
It’s the distance between the town I grew up in and the town we drove to to get groceries.
I always fell asleep on that car ride, and now I have to RUN that distance?

Then there’s the fact that my long run this next weekend is 9 miles, and it’s my last single digit long run for, oh, 4 months.

I think I’m schedule to run slightly over a half marathon in a few weeks.
I’ve never run farther than 13.1 miles in life.
I run that distance as a race. Once in while.
Now I’m using it to train?

What. Was. I. Thinking.

Or at least that’s the kind of thoughts running through my head this morning.

I mean, I love running. I really do.
And I love that I’m coaching other women to run.
Heck, I’m plotting ways to get Music Man to start running with me when he gets home and to like it.

Yet, 26.2 miles frightens me.
16 weeks of training for that distance scares me.
The fact that I’ll be running probably around 500 miles in the next 16 weeks terrifies me.

But today, I’m starting.
I’m moving forward.

Because all those fears. All those phrases repeating themselves over and over and over in my mind.
Those are just lies.

Sure, I couldn’t go out tomorrow and run 26.2 miles.
But from everything I’ve read, and every marathoner I’ve talked too… I’m learning that if I follow the plan, I will finish.

And I’ve never not finished something I’ve started.

Today, I’m starting and I’m banishing those lies.

So check back with me in 4 months.
Or follow along on my journey.

Because even if I have to crawl across the finish line because my legs have given out on me, I will finish.
I have no doubt about that.

Passing the Baton: What whispers are you facing this week? Any fears you need to conquer?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Find Strong.