July 16, 2012

Weekend happenings: In which Harry Potter takes over, and I pretty much doing nothing else but run

Friday night I did what any Army Wife does when her husband leaves… hung out with a bunch of friends.
My friends just happen to be my 15 year old youth girls from church, BUT, they are great company nonetheless.

A couple of months ago when youth group was still in session for the school year, we started a Harry Potter marathon because it turns out they are all a bunch of HP nerds like me.
We only made it through the first 3 movies before they crashed (seriously, it was them and not me), so we continued the Potter-a-thonFriday.

I prepped like crazy

And my Mini Me brought lemon drops (Dumbledore’s favorite) and had even spent the day baking Hagrid’s Rock Cakes!

We had plenty of sweet treats for the night, but of course I had to end it perfectly with some homemade (nonalcoholic)  Butterbeer

Aka: glorified cream soda

And yes, I was full-on nerd and dressed for the occasion

Luna Lovegood is my second favorite female character after Hermione. Actually, they are probably a tie.

I also have to tell you that I was girly for the first time in who knows how long.

I don’t think I’ve painted my nails since high school… mainly because 1. I have the terrible habit of chewing my fingernails, and 2. running makes my toes look funny.
But, the girls convinced me and Aqua Fantasy is a pretty color.

This gal wasn’t sure she’d make it it all night, but luckily the girls crashed around 11:30. We only made it through The Half Blood Prince so I foresee one more Potter-a-thon in our future.

My Saturday involved the usual grocery shopping and lameness of my life. 
I coached my C25k group, finished a couple of novels for my class, and then I think I vegged out to Netflix. I’ve decided this free trial month is all our household is allowed to have.
It’s consuming my rest days.

I did, however, travel all over town for groceries trying to save money and get the best deals.
This budget is working: I got my groceries for the week for under $75 dollars.
And I even stocked up on some new training fuel.

Ok… so the twizzlers and jelly beans were left over from from Friday, but I like to eat a couple of licorice wands or a handful of jelly beans before my short runs. They give me a little boost of energy, and don’t mess with my system too much.
When I trained for my last half, I trained with Gu’s and Sport Beans. They beans weren’t too bad but  the Gu’s really killed me. I love the taste of them, but my digestive system doesn’t.
So, I want to try something a little more natural for my long runs considering I’ve got a a lot of them coming up.
Hence, the apple banana applesauce packets and the strawberry fruit strips.
I ate a banana before my long run yesterday, and then had a packet of the applesauce after mile 6 yesterday, and it gave me energy for the rest of my 9 mile run.
The box of four is slightly expensive, but it actually budgets out to less than the price of four packs of Gu.
And it’s all natural so I’m hoping it will be a little better on my system.  I also have a couple of healthy-fuel-cookie recipes that I want to try, but since I’m going to be logging a bunch of miles over the next few months, my fuel intake is going to be a priority. Out with the fake, in with the real.
And maybe a few jellybeans.


I was up and at ‘em early Sunday morning. Turns out my Running Buddy was in town this weekend so we decided to head out on a long run together.
We met at 5:30 to put in 6 miles before the running club met at 6:30, then we finished 3 miles with them.
It was supposed to be a nice long, slow run but… the two of us push each other so we ended up with a tempo run at about an 8:40 pace.

Afterwards, my hammie was a little sore so I improvised

No, that’s not my lumpy, cellulite butt.
I’s a bag of frozen spinach shoved down my compression shorts.

Genius and classy. I know.

I had about 40 minutes to get ready since I was singing at church and had to be there early, so I worked up a contraption that let me ice AND get ready at the same time.

After church, my afternoon was waaaaay open. A nice way to relax after a good run.

Turns out the Ironman Kona World Championships was being re-aired on NBC so I FINALLY got to watch it. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Chrissie Wellington is one of my favorite female athletes.

Not only is she 4 for 4 for the Kona Championships, but she has raced the Ironman distance 13 times and never been beaten.  Her autobiography, A Life Without Limits,<< was just released this Spring and I’m dying to read it. It’s on my Christmas Wish list, too.

One reason I love watching the triathlon event on TV is because the reporters don’t just feature the pro-triathletes, but the age groupers and their inspirational stories.

Like that of 77 year old Harriet Anderson who finished her 20th Kona<<and won her age group

Three years ago when she raced Kona she crashed her bike at mile 80, broke her clavicle, and still finished the race<<.

She is the racer I hope to become someday<<.
I seriously dream to be that 75 year old woman racing Kona.

I think that’s why I love endurance sports so much. I mean, yes, you have your pro athletes who are AMAZING and their bodies are so powerful, but then there are also those everyday, average Joe athletes who finish the same exact race.
The show featured a 26 year old teacher from my neck of the woods raising money for kids, a double amputee raising awareness for veterans, three men in their 70’s and 80’s, and a woman fighting cancer—all who finished the race.

I was tearing up all over the place.
After that my day was a blur. I sort of napped on and off on the couch til the greyhound woke up up.
We went out for a walk, I grilled some dinner, started a movie, but then headed to bed.

Pretty much more lameness.

That’s my life. Running. Reading. Writing. Netflix. (It has GOT to go.)

Can’t get much better than that.

Passing the Baton:  What was your weekend full of? Inspiration? Fun? Rest? Goofiness?  Are you a Harry Potter nut like me? Favorite book/character?  Any suggestions for more training fuel that won’t upset my system?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy.