July 9, 2012

Weekend recap part deux: In which we paint our bedroom poop brown, and I master two culinary creations

When we moved back to the Midwest 16 months ago and discovered the one apartment complex that allowed pets, we also discovered we could paint.
Since we planned on being here for quite a while (Music Man is pretty much going to be in school forever and renting seemed like the smart idea) painting seemed perfect because let’s face it, while walls make me think too much of dorm life or prison life.
I’ve only experienced the former, not the latter.

We wanted to make our cozy space a little bit more homey so we planned to paint in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. We bought all the paint, tape, and plastic we’d need, then started in on the living room.
Then Music Man left for some Army trip, and I was bored, and finished the living room and kitchen.

You won’t notice my imperfect edging or paint spattered ceilings in these pics. Trust me, I’m not the artist.
Nonetheless, it’s been about a year and the bedroom never got painted.
Until yesterday that is. Music Man was in a mood and wanted to paint, so I pretty much let him.


I found a comfy spot to take pictures


And I also spent time trying to figure out how JJ could help.
Turns out he’s pretty useful.


Once the paint dried, it wasn’t really poop brown anymore, but more of a Hershey look.
I think I can handle it.


We’re hoping to invest in a new, and much more comfortable bed in the next few months (goodbye sleepless nights) so the fun part is going to be finding some new bedding to go with the room.
Good thing brown is a pretty neutral color.

On our adventure Friday<<, we unknowingly tried a new kind of pizza: Sauceless or White Pizza.
The boys were set on eating at a rooftop extravaganza, even though it was 90 million degrees outside, but the yogurt paradise on the first floor made up for it afterwards.
Anyway, we decided to order a pizza to share because, really, who can turn down pizza?
Plus the waitress had passed out table with one right before we ordered and the smell was overwhelmingly delicious.


It was so good, I only remembered to take a picture after we’d eaten half of it.
The menu didn’t say anything about it being a sauceless pizza so when it arrived, we were surprised.
In a good way.
Let’s just say Music Man and I found our new favorite kind of pizza.
So, come Saturday morning when this conversation took place,


the ideal opportunity showed itself to try out our new favorite. Plus, if it takes me all year, I am bound and determined to master thin crust pizza<<.
So, I rounded up a few ingredients


and came up with this beauty


Don’t let the thicker edge fool you. This baby was thin and crispy. And definitely full of cheesy goodness.
Instead of tomato sauce, there’s a little drizzle of olive oil on the crust, then the cheese-spice mixture (fresh mozz, parm, ricotta, & feta)
Heaven. Must be missing angels…If you’ve never had white pizza before, you must. Especially if you’re a self proclaimed pizzaholic like me.
That was Saturday’s meal, with a little Mr. Popper’s Penguins for some fun.
I’ve now decided I want a little herd of penguins for pets, by the way.
Christmas is less than six months away, Wonder Woman.
Sunday’s food was all about the South.
During the last six months of Music Man’s Army contract, he was a Chaplain’s assistant for Chaplain Hulk (seriously… he was a stand in for the old Hulk TV show)
That job was one of the things over the last couple of year’s that has planted the seed for us possibly going back active duty Army, and into Chaplaincy/ministry.
Anyway, Chaplain Hulk is not only a wonderful guy (and he has a beautiful family) but he is this amazing cook.
And he just happened to make us a delicious gumbo before we left Texas that Music Man fell in love with.
So, it’s one of those things on my list to cook for the year<<
Since I was on a roll already with the pizza,I decided to turn this weekend into a 25 eats-a-thon
Between chopping veggies, and meats, and making the rue,gumbo turned out to be a fun, afternoon affair. Plus it did get me out of painting.


I also creatively discovered how to successfully chop onions without crying while simultaneously finding a good use for my goggles since they haven’t seen water in a month.

I call it Chaplain Hulk’s “for your man” gumbo.


It was actually super easy to make, and Music Man was thoroughly impressed I know how to spice things up.
I definitely discovered some new favorite recipes for this household.
Heaven help me we don’t have picky kids.
I’ve got to start thinking up creative ways for them to eat EVERYTHING so I’ve got a an arsenal built whenever that day comes.
Sunday evening wrapped up with a little Ocean’s Thirteen, and some more creative thinking on how not to get high while sleeping in a freshly painted room.
It’s a good thing these temps


dropped to the 80’s yesterday. It was like spring all over again!
In case you were wondering, we opened our windows overnight (60’s) and didn’t get high.
We’re pretty normal today.
Since normal is so relative in my life.
Passing the Baton: How was your weekend? Anything fun? Restful? Finish any projects you’d been meaning to do for a year, like us? Any good recipes to share? Should I patent my onion goggles?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy.