July 9, 2012

Weekend recap: It’s all fun and games, kids until the FroYo happens. Then it’s serious.

Friday…I consider it my weekend now since
1. I do nothing all week and

2. This fall I won’t have classes on Friday’s so I’ll probably still be a bum.

Anyway, this past Friday was a special day for Music Man and I, and our friend, The Most Interesting Man in the World’s, Birthday.

So after a haircut,

and job interview, we headed off to good ‘ole St. Louis.

Our plan was to hit the City Museum<<, and then dinner, but I wanted to stop here first

Coffee and Wine? What could be better? I’ll never know because the boys wouldn’t let me stop.
Although, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t stop, because I don’t know if I could’ve handled this if I was full of caffeine and alcohol.

That’s just the outside.
The Museum totes this is the place “where the imagination runs wild.”

It’s housed in a 600,000 square foot building that was at one point empty and maybe scheduled to be demolished (I don’t know the full history.)
But I do know it’s the visionary of internationally acclaimed artist, Bob Cassilly—a classically trained sculptor and entrepreneur.
The City Museum is exactly what it is: a museum built entirely from stuff from the city. It’s a gigantic piece of industrial-instillation art that you can play in.

Yes. Play in. And on. And over. And under.

The outside, definitely a piece of art or maybe a scene from LOST, is a giant maze of wires and rebar that you can climb in and around it. We hit it last because we waited for the heat to die down some, but the boys sure had fun.
I enjoyed myself too, but for someone who is terrified of heights, and semi-terrified of small spaces, I managed.

I let them do the climbing outside though


Would you believe me if I told you the rebar arch was at least seven stories off the ground?

Someone obviously didn’t care.
I, on the other hand, would have been trapped for eternity and screaming like a baby.
So I took the pictures

The inside was just as neat.
One part is sea themed and as Music Man claims, you have to crawl up the “whale anus” to play
(That would be the coil section)

And another area is rainforest themed, where you get to crawl and climb in petrified wood and cages.

At one point, I even slid out of this

Don’t ask me how.

The boys really had way too much fun

And yes ladies, The Most Interesting Man in the World is single

Pause from sarcasm. I’m telling you. He would seriously be a catch.
Awesome guy.

After all, If you can’t be normal, join ‘em.


I did find some future home decorations, so the day was productive.

We slid down a 10-story slide. No. Big. Deal.

And Music Man survived the Ball Pit Of Death

After that we called it a day. We were hot, and sweaty, and tired of pushing little kids out of the way.
We hit of the gift shop, and I found some protection

Especially for all my

Despite the 90 million degree weather, the boys decided we had to eat outside on the rooftop of the Hilton

Too bad none of us were Cardinals fans.

I dealt with it though for some delicious pizza,

and the best part of all.
I finally got to jump on the FroYo wagon

And trust me, I ate all 9.05 ounces of this goodness

Then I ran it off

It was a great way to celebrate Friday, and a nice day vacation.
Looks like our summer is turning out to be full of those.

Passing the Baton: Any craziness to your weekend? Have you ever been to the City Museum, or somewhere like it? If so…where? We want to go! Are you a FroYo Freak like me? Favorite combination? (I threw in the blueberries to make it look healthy.)
Favorite place?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy.