July 25, 2011

Monday Morning Meditation: Monday Doldrums

If you had the chance to look back on your weekend from someone else's eyes, what would you see?
Time spent or time wasted? Spontaneous moments, or anxiety-driven plans? The choice to spend hours with a hobby you love, or hours spent shining your kitchen floor?

I often go into a weekend with plans. Plans to get a menu made for the next week and groceries bought. Plans to clean my house top to bottom, and to diminish the loads of laundry sorted around my room. Plans to never sit and breathe from my week, but instead to keep running around at top speeds.

I make to-do lists for my weekend.

Yes. I am that kind of person.
But this weekend, I was not. Granted, I did make a to-do list and had planned to clean again and do the usual. Then my husband stepped into the picture, and asked me out on a date Friday night. A late-night movie, something I often skip.
But not this Friday. We had dinner with some new friends, and caught Captain America. He was dying to see it and I had my first experience at the IMAX. Saturday I spent a day in the heat with Music Man at an air show while he worked it for the Army. And Sunday, we had a good morning at church, a lazy afternoon, steaks for dinner, and laughed while watching Rango.

And now I've reached the dreaded "Monday doldrums." Yes, I had to get up early. Yes, I have to do the usual and head to work for the day. But no, I don't have to let today be any different attitude-wise. Because of this moment, on this Monday, I hold moments of fun and relaxation in my mind.  (Yoga is really paying off!)

Monday is simply what you make of it.
And if that still doesn't take away your Monday doldrums, think of it this way: Monday ends in 'y' just like every other day of the week.

Take a moment today and remember your best moment from the weekend. Let that carry you.