February 28, 2012

This is why I run

I often answer the question why over and over when it comes to my sport.
As in, why would I ever choose to run for enjoyment?

I think it's one of those questions every runner gets asked. I mean, we wake up insanely early. We actually pay to cross distances some will never walk in their life. And we sweat, and we lose toenails, and we often walk funny after a good, long run.
So why do we torture ourselves?

I suppose I could always answer with some of my favorite Tshirt slogans like:
"My sport just happens to be your sport's punishment."
"Running...it's not for the weak minded."
I digress.
Those aren't really my reasons for running, though on those days when the alarm blasts at 4:45 am and I have to remind myself that yes, I am a runner, those sometimes are my reasons.

But when I'm actually out there, feet riding along the pavement, these are my real reasons.

Why I run

1. I run to find my strong.
2. I run to learn what my faith is. And then I run more to step out and persevere in that faith.
3. I run to experience life one breath at a time. To be inspired and feel life deeper.
4. I am an endorphin addict.
5. I love carbohydrates.
6. I run because I am blessed to move and moving moves me.
7. Running teaches me things about myself I never knew.
8. I run to break the habits of my generation.
9. I run because after I am finished, I am a better person. I never say to myself, "I wish I never ran that."
10. I run to banish the lies that whisper I'm not strong, good, intelligent, or beautiful enough.
11.Running propels me towards things. Not away from them.
12. Because I believe I can. So I do.
13.I run to form healthy and confident habits that I can one day instill in my children.

.1 I run because I wouldn't know who I am and what I stand for if I wasn't a runner.

On most days, these are the reasons that propel me to run. But there are many days and many runs where I discover more. Every next stride I take has the ability to show me something. Or at least that's the way I approach running.
When it's just me and my solitude, those steps help me to see what I am truly made of.
Those steps give me choices about how to handle life.
And those steps, well, they remind me to endure.

Because running, it's really not for the weak minded.

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  1. I may not be a real "runner" anymore, my knees don't like it much lately, but a lot of these reasons are why I keep going to the gym and won't give that up. Breaking habits of past generations and banishing the lies that whisper to most of us as women in this world of lies about our self worth. Those are two giant ones for me. I want to be healthy, confident and strong in my old age. And I want my children and grandchildren to be the same way. Good job!