March 5, 2012

A little motivation for a Monday

So here's what I'm thinking. Remember last fall when I was posting my Monday Morning Meditations? Well, I really like the idea but I've gotten away from my posts. I'm thinking it's because when Monday rolls around, I'm not always that meditative.
It is Monday morning after all.

What would you say to a little motivation instead? I'm thinking, depending on the morning, I'm either meditative or in need of some serious pick me up kind of words. It usually just depends on the weekend and what I've been doing, how my long run went, etc. So instead of being meditative all. the. time. I'm going to vary it up.

I'm human. I can't be that contemplative and serious all the time. I mean, honestly I am just a goofball.
And face it. If I'm spurring you on, then I need something to kick me into gear too. Plus, I'm starting "Motivating Monday" as a weekly post on my local community running blog, and if you aren't a reader there, I wanted to give you a little motivation, too.

This week, I'm focusing on this:

I ran five miles yesterday  (5 miles!!!) and it was beautiful. It's been a long time since I've put in that distance and at a decent pace (9:40 miles) and had little pain during the run. I woke up super early for a Sunday and just knew I had the distance ahead of me. I drank a little bit of coffee and told myself I was going to finish 5 miles, no matter how slow I was. I knew I could finish. My heart was in the run. Both metaphorically and physically. I've finally reaching that cardio point where I can breathe easy and enjoy the long run.

Get out there this week. Believe in yourself. Because if you don't. Who will?

Lame words. I know. But it's the truth. Whatever we set our minds too is something we decided. Especially with fitness. I can tell you over and over and over to just start running, that it will change your life. I can tell you that strength training is good for you and will improve your runs. I can tell you how much I enjoy being outside and cycling monster distances; that you should try it because you'll feel a freedom you can't get anywhere else.
But until you decided that "Yes, I'm going to start ____fill in the blank_____today," even if it is a one minute jog, two minute walk cycle, you're never going to get there.
You'll never reach your goals unless you set your mind to it and BELIEVE in yourself.

You already know I believe in you (Especially you Wonder Woman!) Now. Make your own self believe it.

And go DO IT this week.