March 9, 2012

Formula for a good Friday

Fridays are typically my restorative rest days during the week. By that I mean I don't run, bike, swim, take any fitness classes, or lift. I take a breather, let my muscles take in the work from the week, and restore myself with a little yoga. 

I've been waking up naturally much earlier this week (I'm thinking it's the time change coming up), and so I actually set my alarm for a half hour earlier today just so I could get up and get a good yoga session in. Well, turns out JJ was ready for me to get up too.
The past couple of weeks he's been nagging me out of bed early... doing the whole whine whine...take care of me I'm helpless thing. I'm trying to turn it to my advantage and so I tell myself he's my morning motivator. He makes me get up early, so really I should just stay up and get a good run/yoga session in depending on the day.
So far, it hasn't worked. My comfy bed just calls to me on these cold mornings. Plus, I've been in a funk this week. (Read here for a definition and suggestions to battle the funk.)

But this morning, here comes JJ right before my alarm (of course) and boy was he in a mood. He does this thing where he rubs up against the foot or side of the bed like he's trying to shake me out of bed or something.
Then he comes and nudges me with his cold, wet nose, does the world's longest downward facing dog stretch, nudges me again, then whines.
It's annoying.
It's also cute.

Nonetheless. I dragged my butt out of bed to take care of him, grabbed a bit of coffee (see, I set the delay timer last night so it'd be ready, thus pushing the caffeine into my system early should I actually get up on time) changed, got out the yoga mat, and had a wonderful session.
My muscles needed it this week.

Can I just say I love Fridays? Not because it's the end of the work week or that I get two glorious days off.
But because I finally get to rest.

My muscles get to take in all the work I've done this week and then they get a chance to release.
My mind gets a chance to let go of the week, clear itself of stress and anxiety, and prepare itself for a long run.
Friday's are glorious.
And today is even better because Music Man gets home from his spring break chorale tour.

Minus the work day ahead of me, I'm feeling good. Love how yoga does that too me. I think I'll top today off with pizza for dinner.

Hmmm...restorative yoga in the morning + pizza tonight = my Friday from here on out through training.
I might just get used to this.