June 10, 2012

This was my weekend….

in pictures…

because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was pretty much just more of my lameness…
(And I totally failed on the Fitness Links Friday… sorry about that.  If it helps any, I really didn’t read any articles at. all. last week.)


Remember though when I talked about JJ and his violent streak?

I know why.

This sheep is stalking him at night.

I woke up to this

No lie. I did not pose this. I did not egg my pup on with his toys.
When he woke me up Friday morning, I found Mr. Sheep intensely stalking my dog.
I might just let JJ take his head off.

I mean, he’s creepy. He needs to go.

I hunkered in for a weekend of serious final project work.
It’s not like I procrastinated or anything. Gosh guys, what do you take me for?
I mean, it is a summer class so the work load is intense.
But I was pretty much hardcore this weekend.

One of these days I’ll write 7967 words for my novel.
Maybe in the month break I have between classes…seeing as how I should be working…um writing’s work. Right?
I’m the next J.K. Rowling.
Just wait.
I’m calling it work. At least it will make me feel better.

While I diligently wrote all weekend, JJ did this

We had a serious heart-to-heart.

I told him since I was going back to school, he needed to start pulling his weight around here.
I tried getting him to fold the laundry that’s been on my couch all week, but he pretended not to hear me.

I’m still working on the job thing with him. He needs responsibility after all.

When I took time to eat this weekend, I worked on perfecting my pizza.
It’s been a journey this year because
1. It’s my favorite food ever.
2. Friday nights are just perfect pizza nights period
3. It’s so much cheaper and better for you to make pizza than to buy it
4. I got a baking stone for Christmas, and I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to use it
5. With Music Man gone, I get to eat all the thick crust I want. But, I think I might have thin crust down for him too.

So, add these yummy goodies up

And you get this

Which is pretty much  near perfect in my eyes

I’ve been slowly feeding off of it all weekend.
I call it carb loading for the week.
Which is why I’m starting my pre-marathon training.

I have 5 weeks before I start this baby

Which I’m still a bit iffy about. I picked up the new Runner’s World mag this weekend and it had a whole section on marathon running/training. This plan is technically for intermediates (someone who has actually run a full 26.2 before aka NOT ME) and also someone who is tallying about 25 miles a week.
So, if I want to attempt it, I need to increase my mileage a bit before then.

I also have an 18 week training plan for beginners, but… I think the word beginner makes me angry.
Even though on the 26.2 front, I am.

So, I’ve got to converse with my running buddy about what she’s going to do. Even though she’s moving, I think we’re going to try to stick to the same schedule so we can run together at some point.
I am NOT doing 20 miles solo.
And if I have too, I dragging Music Man out on his bicycle.

This was not a good week for tri training (I’m either just going to jump in the race or not at all… haven’t decided yet) but it was a great week for getting my swim and bike on.
I put in 12.5 miles on the bike yesterday (which distance-wise sounds so much longer when I say I ran it)

Even though this happened.

Which is actually probably why I have leprosy

Those brownish spots/streak showed up about two weeks ago and haven’t itched/burned/hurt/rashed up/spread or gone away.

Music Man says I have leprosy (and you think I’m the hypochondriac, Mother…)
I think it’s just a weird pigment/sunspot thing.

Who knew that sunscreen had a use by date? Either way… I’m stocked up on the fresh stuff now, so bring on the sun.

Alright…time to chillax (yes, I said it) after a weekend of hard work.
I think I’ll queue up Bridesmaids while I work on my pile of laundry and dishes.

Passing the Baton: How was your weekend? What sort of miles did you get in? What fun stuff did you do? Do you think I have leprosy? What marathon training plans do you have to suggest?


Seek Peace. Choose Joy.