June 25, 2012

A weekend in pictures

I haven’t mentioned Herby in awhile….That’s my garden. I named him in the hopes that it would help me nurture him better.

Despite the little drought we’ve got going on here in the Midwest, he is growing like crazy!

Anyone in need of cilantro? Because I’ve got plenty.

My favorite part is this little guy.

Indeed, that is a pepper.

And no, this one isn’t sick. It’s a purple pepper plant (say that 5 times fast). They are supposed to be slightly sweeter than a green bell pepper which we consume to no end around here.

No pictures, but I think my thumb is indeed starting to turn green.

What else, what else this weekend…. Saturday was a good workout day as I put in 6 miles that morning, then headed out to coach the third session of C25K.
I used to think that I’d never sleep in again what with all this morning running, but on beautiful summer mornings like Saturday, I don’t mind it.

Oh yeah… and then there’s the whole fact that MUSIC MAN CAME HOME!

He was supposed to get in Saturday evening, but he surprised me Friday night. So we had a nice little pizza date.
Gotta keep with tradition and all.
Though, he he did wake up at 3:30 the next morning to head to the guard unit to finish up some paperwork, but he was home before noon.

I spent most of my weekend craving these, so grocery day came at a good timing.

I doubt lemonade is all that good for me what with the sugar content and all, but after I down a gallon, I just tell myself I’m hydrating.

Sunday started a little rainy and gloomy, but the sun came out for a beautiful afternoon. And it’s a good thing because us old fashioned kids headed out to the community band concert in the park.

We even rode our bikes.

You will notice that my face pretty much stays the same in all of these pictures….if only someone would smile the first time…

But, at least we have a fun photo album full of memories.

I’d share more pictures, but besides some homework, lots of reading, a little Downton Abbey and X-Men, we pretty much just relaxed.
You know, the boring lame stuff I usually do.

Needless to say… it’s good to have him home.

Passing the Baton: How was your weekend? Any exciting things happen? How did you spend it?


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Seek Peace. Choose Joy.