July 1, 2012

Weekend Roundup-lots of running, I’m a cheap date, stupid goodbyes, and my abs suck

My entire weekend has been filled with this

I have what you call an “in-house doctor”  Since I’m officially marathon training, I am nursing my IT band like it’s a baby. Minus the whole breast feeding thing.
Thankfully, I’m able to coerce Music Man into using The Stick of Death on me since it’s kind of an awkward angle. I just promise him millions of minutes of shoulder massages.

Minutes redeemed= 0

I’m stealthy like that.

However, we did sneak in some fun dates this weekend.

Friday night was a night of much needed fun.

I got some bad news (see next post) right before Music man came home, and he’d been working hard this week, so we headed out with a buddy for some bowling

I’d like to brag that after three games, I beat Music Man 2 outta 3
And he still smiled afterwards.

However, I won’t mention that our buddy won all three games by about 50 points every time.
So I’m not a pro-bowler.
But, once cosmic bowling started, I had the moves like Jagger. 

Saturday surprised me with some great news (again, see next post) and  it was a good morning of running.

I’ve been meeting with some of the ladies of my couch to 5k group on Saturday mornings for the third run.
I’m not an “official” coach or anything, but I’ve put together a fun group prepping some ladies for their first 5k, and can I say that I love coaching this? It’s definitely spurring me on to someday become a RRCA certified coach.
And hopefully, when I’m teaching, I want to coach cross country/track as well.
While I waited for the ladies, I tried out the new bike on the fitness trail we have at my park.
Don’t mind my crooked smile.
It’s my trademark.
Thank you braces.

This is where I run. I know. Be jealous.

Then, I had to go deal with some more sad news for the week.

My Running Buddy moved.
I saw how it really was though. She gets me to sign up for my first marathon with all this talk about training together, then her hubs gets a new job and they move right before our training officially starts.
It’s ok though. I got this.
Plus she’s only about 2.5 hours away so we hope to do a few training runs before the big race.

I chilled out the rest of the day since it was my “off day” and Music Man worked.
I’m glad somebody around here does something.
JJ’s just a lump. I’ve been working on him for weeks now. Nothing.

So, I finished Downton Abbey<< season 2 and now I’m lost.

I suppose I’ll have to stalk the website and watch every video clip they have.
Six months people! I have to wait six months!

Thanks to the good news though…(I’ll finish being cryptic soon) we celebrated.

Can I just say we’re the masters of cheap date night?
$12.99 worth of awesomeness and carb loading.

However, even though I recommend This is War because it’s hilarious, I will say right now I was not happy with the ending. I so thought she was going with the other guy.
Or maybe that was just me wanting to go with the other guy.

Just kidding Music Man. I like your tats better.

Sunday morning started beautifully.
I headed out with the running club for a good 6 mile run, then finished 1 more mile on my own for my long run this week

I’m getting the hang of this whole take-pictures-while-I’m-running-cause-I’m-a-stud thing.

Then.. oh goodness.. I started the Abs Challenge day 1<<

Yeah. I finished round 1 of 4 before I collapsed.
Could’ve been my weak core.
I’m blaming it on the 7 miler in 80 degree humidity.

Don’t worry though, I’m not caving.

I’m resting a bit and come this evening, I’ll be knocking out rounds 2-3-4.
This challenge got nothin’ on me.

Got a meeting about a 5k and then it’s off to obtain some glorious groceries.

Passing the Baton: How’s your weekend been? Anything fun? Exciting? What was your run like—perfect, tough, or hot-n-humid? Did you attempt Abs day 1 and fail like me? Any good cheap date ideas?
Seek peace. Choose Joy.